ASURE BIOCHEM has Technology team in which most technology experts are with many years of chemical research or on-site working experience. We can provide chemical production or usage advice. We believe that suit is best, so we often have to know your exact application field before recommeding you the chemical you would order. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.


ASURE BIOCHEM is dedicated, professional, unremitting innovation, and constantly creates new value for users. Through extensive and in-depth cooperation with domestic research institutes, universities, and industry-leading factories, it can provide standard packaging from gram to ton to meet customer needs.


Advantages In Customized Synthesis


1.A professional R&D team with leading technology, rich experience and pioneering spirit

Asure has a group of professional chemical technicians with great professionalism and strong expertise. Through continuous production practice, we have accumulated rich experience in organic synthesis, and we can provide customers with faster and more efficient customized compound synthesis services.


2.Strict compliance with ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System


3.Professional project management personnel, and comprehensive project management system

All customized compounds are designed and synthesized by special personnel, and are guided and managed by experienced technical directors with advanced synthesis instruments to ensure that the ideal high-quality products are provided within the promised time.


4.Customized production to help customers reduce capital and time costs

We will meet the following requirements in the customized compound synthesis business: quick reaction; reasonable price; high quality; timely delivery; detailed data; and customer satisfaction.


5.Strong technical support

The company cooperates with Zhejiang University and East China Normal University in industry-university-research cooperation. At the same time, we employ many university experts and professors as technical consultants. We have analytical equipment and professional technicians, who can assist the synthesis personnel and perfect the project plan during the experiment.


6.Fast dispatch and delivery

We reserve a variety of high-quality raw materials, and we also have professional raw material procurement channels to ensure that each project can be implemented quickly, achieving high-quality and short-time synchronization and coordination, completing projects faster and better, with fast dispatch and delivery.